About Us

Family Owned And Operated Since 1948

Claro's Italian Markets have been proudly serving Southern California since 1948, providing over 75 years of dedicated service to the Italian community. The family legacy and commitment to quality are truly remarkable.

Starting with the grandfather, Joe Claro, and his wife, Mary, and then continuing with their son, Frank, and his wife, Geraldine, the family business has a rich history of providing exceptional service and quality specialty food to its customers. It's a testament to the Claro family's dedication that the business has thrived and continued to be a cornerstone of the community over the years.

Full-Service Shopping

 The family tradition has continued with Rosemarie and Mary Linda, along with their husbands Bob and George, now running the stores. Today, the business has expanded to six retail specialty food stores located throughout southern California.

Offering a full-service deli and a wide variety of specialty foods, Claro's is a true culinary delight, offering not only everything needed for Italian cuisine but also a touch of Greek, French, and Argentine flavors. This diverse selection makes the old-fashioned market  a fantastic destination for food enthusiasts looking to explore a variety of culinary traditions.

Claro's Red Tomato and basil leave